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High Quality Programs

High Quality Programs for Students with Disabilities

The District provides a full continuum of special education programs and services. Each school has a Resource Specialist Program (RSP) to provide case management, consultation and specialized academic instruction for students with these services on their IEP. For students requiring very specialized instruction, the District has Special Day Class programs at all grade levels. Each student’s IEP is crafted to meet the individualized needs of that student. Some programs may be available only at specific school sites or regionally.


The District is committed to appropriately inclusive programs for disabled students with an emphasis on collaborative models. Consequently, the special education staff is incorporated into the total staff at all schools.The District operates approximately 45 special classes for special students who are learning disabled, intellectually disabled, autistic, emotionally disturbed, and severely disabled. The special class teachers are committed to modifying district curriculum according to the needs of the students. All special classes are situated on regular education campuses so that there can be maximum interaction among all the students.

Please contact your school site if you feel that your child is in need of special education services.

Special education students are included in 21st Century learning in New Haven. Special education teachers participate in high quality professional development that supports Common Core State Standards. Special education students all use a personal device along with their peer groups in their classrooms. For more information on the use of iPads and Chromebooks for students with special needs and the district mobile devices initiative click here.

Alos, the District is participating in a statewide initiative called California Autism Professional Training and Information Network (CAPTAIN). CAPTAIN is a multi agency network developed to support the understanding and use of Evidence Based Practices for individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder across the state. Click here to find out more about the statewide CAPTAIN initiative.

The District operates a number of preschool special education programs and classes. Click here to find out more about our preschool programs. Each classroom can accept a few typically developing preschool students to serve as language models in the classroom. To apply for this program click here for the preschool language model application.

The New Haven Unified School District also has an Intensive Counseling Enriched Program (NICE). The Intensive Counseling Enriched program is a structured program for children or adolescents and their families that builds on strengths and addresses identified needs. This service directly addresses the child’s diagnostic and clinical needs, which are evidenced by the presence of a diagnosable mental, behavioral, and/or emotional disturbance. This service is designed to serve children who, as a result of their mental health treatment needs, are unable to benefit from participation in a less restrictive educational environment. The program provides therapeutic interventions that are coordinated with the student’s IEP and support academic success. The interventions are designed to reduce symptoms, improve behavioral functioning, increase the individual’s ability to cope with and relate to others, and enhance the child’s capacity to function in an educational setting. Day Treatment provides mental health interventions in the context of a therapeutic treatment milieu. This service is focused on providing clinical interventions and service to support the student in achieving functional gains that support the student’s academic achievement, is developmentally appropriate, is culturally relevant and sensitive, and is child and family centered.
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