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Resources for Parents

Here are some resources we hope will help you.  We are always here to support you!  510-471-1100

Please review the presentation from our most recent Mission Valley SELPA CAC Meet & Greet that was held on September 10, 2020. 

Mission Valley Community Community Advisory Committee Newsletter 
The MV SELPA CAC is launching a monthly newsletter! Each edition will have highlights from the previous months events and heads up about upcoming CAC events and other Bay Area events that may be of interest to special needs families. We promise to only send follow-up emails if there is a correction to be made or the schedule has changed.

Just click here, enter your name and email address, and press subscribe!
Click here to view prior newsletters.


Who do I call for help? 

Although you can find many resources on your own, we encourage families to contact their teacher, case manager if you have any questions or concerns.   If they are unable to answer your questions, principals or program specialists are here to assist you.
Alexis Perry, Program Specialist for K-12
Mary Rios, Program Specialist for PreK and private school students
Parent Handbook  - this is a valuable resource for parents
Connecting with other parents 
Community Advisory Committee Representative, Heather Kim can be reached at
Mission Valley Selpa Director, Sarah Kappler, can be reached at
Health Care Resources for People with Developmental Disabilities, UCSF's profile photo
Occupational Therapy - Have a question?  Contact Robin Shopbell
OT Tips of the Month
Dyslexia in the Classroom
resource for possible indicators and supports. 
Getting Ready for my first IEP
Who is my team?  Develop a contact list of people on the IEP team
Getting Ready for an IEP meeting
Helping Children with Special Needs Learn Communication Skills Through Social Media - click here for presentation and helpful tips.
 Internet Resources: