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Bargaining Update


Today, the New Haven Teachers Association (NHTA) and the District (NHUSD) met to continue bargaining.  The District proposed 0% for 2018-19 and a re-opener on compensation for 2019-20.  NHTA’s current proposal is a 10% increase, $1500 retention stipend and salary compression from year 32 to 27 for 2018-19 and a 10% increase and $1500 retention stipend for 2019-20.


Both parties made the mutual decision to declare Impasse and will now work with a Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) appointed mediator to see if a deal can be reached.


When bargaining teams reach Impasse it means that both sides can no longer move forward to reach an agreement.  A mediator is brought in and tries to reach/facilitate an agreement/settlement.  Decisions by a mediator are non-binding: neither side has to agree with the mediator’s recommendations.  If both parties continue to disagree, the mediator will certify both parties to the Fact Finding process.  Between Impasse and Fact Finding there is still room to reach an agreement.



We will be awaiting dates for mediation from the state agency PERB.


Thank you,

NHTA and NHUSD Bargaining Teams