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Board Briefs for Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Board Briefs for Tuesday, May 15, 2018

At Tuesday's night's regularly scheduled Board meeting, Superintendent Dr. Arlando Smith read resolutions honoring the two current, but outgoing, student representatives to the Board.  In their remarks, both Decoto School for Independent Study student and representative, Breanna Finney, and James Logan High School student and representative, Kimberly Giang, reflected on their tenure as student representatives and shared lessons learned from the experience.

Additionally at Tuesday's meeting, the District's Classified Employee and Teacher of the Year were recognized and celebrated.  The peer-driven selection process for these prestigious honors started at each school where members of each employee group nominated and selected their site representatives.  This pool of exceptionally talented individuals was put forward to the corresponding District selection committee (NHTA or CSEA) which had the difficult job of identifying the most deserving teacher and classified employee in the District; not an easy task!

The 2018-19 Classified Employees of the Year from each site are:

Marivic Galang, Alvarado Elementary School
Eladio Soria, Eastin Elementary School
Rosie Romero, Emanuel Elementary School
Carolina Miller, Hillview Crest Elementary School
Jose Espinoza, Kitayama Elementary School
Rosie Thompson, Pioneer Elementary School
Elizabeth Zambrano, Searles Elementary School
Hebrew Carcallas, Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School
Mary Ramirez, Cesar Chavez Middle School
Maria Antonieta Barriguete, James Logan High School
Sofia Castillo, Conley-Caraballo High School
Uttara Pandya, Decoto School of Independent Study
Jo Hendee, New Haven Adult School
Paula Hague, Educational Services Center
Mary Feeney, Corporation Yard
Tahnie Henriquez, Mary Cordoza Center

The Educational Services Center's Paula Hague was announced as the 2018-19 District Classified Employee of the Year.

The 2018-19 Teachers of the Year from each site are:

Laura Cox, Eastin Elementary School
Julie Miranda, Emanuel Elementary School
Jerrilyn Reynoso, Hillview Crest Elementary School
Legratta Banks, Kitayama Elementary School
William Herbert, Pioneer Elementary School
Leah Galbraith, Searles Elementary School
Scott Wagner,  Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School
Peter Quesinberry, Cesar Chavez Middle School
Jodie Schwartzfarb, James Logan High School
Sharyl Larson, Conley-Caraballo High School
Rochelle Thorne, Decoto School of Independent Study
Jay Hendee, New Haven Adult School

Legratta Banks, from Kitayama Elementary School, was announced as the District's Teacher of the Year for the 2018-19 school year.

Also at Tuesday night’s meeting, Chief Business Officer Annette Heldman provided the Board with an update on the financial impact of the agreement made with the New Haven Teachers Association (NHTA).

The District and NHTA have agreed on a 3-year collective bargaining agreement, which includes a salary settlement for 2017-18 comprising of 2% on-schedule retroactive to July 1, 2017, and a $600, one-time bonus.  Also, the District and NHTA agreed to a salary schedule compression (32-29) begins in 19-20 school year.

By Government Code, the District is required to publicly disclose the provisions and the cost of the agreement. Additionally, the District Superintendent and Chief Business Official are required to certify to the County Office of Education that the District has the ability to meet the financial obligations of the agreement.

The financial analysis and the certifications will be submitted to the Alameda County office of education for review.

The complete agenda for the May 15 Board meeting can be found here.  Please note that the District is transitioning to BoardDocs Pro to host all Board meeting related documents.  As we transition to full implementation of the cloud-based Board document system, individuals interested in viewing the agenda and associated documents for any meeting will need to first click on the link above and then click on the link for the date of the Board meeting.