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NHTA / NHUSD Joint Statement on Mediator's Proposal 4/19/18

After three mediation sessions, the respective teams have agreed to accept a “Mediator’s Proposal” as an attempt to bring the two sides to an agreement.
A Mediator’s Proposal attempts to bridge the gap between the two groups.  The mediator drafted her proposal after considering the priorities of both sides.  Both bargaining teams have agreed to take it back to their respective boards and/or members.  The mediator stipulated that both teams must remain neutral when discussing the Mediator’s Proposal.
Similar to a Tentative Agreement, NHTA will take the Mediator’s Proposal through the normal ratification process.  The process include approval of the Executive Board, the Representative Council, and to a ratification vote of the membership. 
After a positive ratification vote by the Association, the School Board would then vote to approve the contract.  
Pace Lash – NHTA Bargaining Chair
Derek McNamara – District Bargaining Chair