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New Haven Unified 2017 California Dashboard Results

The Division of Teaching and Learning is pleased to share the 2017 California School Dashboard results.  This is the second year of the new accountability system, which is intended to assist in district alignment with the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA).

The State released data on the following:

  • English Language Arts Academic Indicator
  • Math Academic Indicator
  • English Learner Indicator
  • Suspension Rate Indicator
  • Graduation Rate Indicator
  • Chronic Absenteeism


Here is the link to the Alameda County Office of Education California School Dashboard site.  This site includes a video explaining the Dashboard and several other useful links, including a link to the Dashboard results.    


There are four tabs on the Dashboard results.  We ask you to pay close attention to the Equity and the Student Group Reports.  These reports illustrate our progress as a district using a color-coding system based upon performance levels and student growth.


As a district, we are pleased with our progress in the Suspension Rate, English Learner Progress and Graduation Rate.  English Language Arts and Mathematics are areas of growth.  However, it should be noted that New Haven was one of only two districts in Alameda County that showed growth in Mathematics.  In English Language Arts, we maintained our growth, which is consistent with many districts in Alameda County.


When looking at the Student Group Report, performance levels vary, with our area of highest need being Students with Disabilities.  This is a pattern throughout the County and State.