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Keeping Our Students Safe, a message from the County Superintendent of Schools

In the past week we have witnessed devastating effects of the ongoing Northern California wildfires. At this time, my heart goes out to the students, families, and entire communities impacted by these fires.

Over the course of this week, air quality in Alameda County has tipped into Unhealthylevels. During this time, the  Alameda County Public Health Department advises that children should “limit prolonged outdoor exertion.”

The safety of students and staff is always the top priority of every school leader. The decision to keep schools open or to close them is not made lightly. When schools are closed, the burden that many working families shoulder to provide childcare is large. For many, schools are a safe haven during difficult times.

In making this critical decision, the leaders of Alameda County’s 18 school districts weighed numerous factors, taking into consideration the best interest of our community. All school districts in Alameda County will be open tomorrow, October 13th, and will continue to follow inclement weather protocols - which may include recess, lunch, and PE indoors - as well as limiting and/or canceling afterschool outdoor activities. Please check your school district’s website for their most current communications.

We are committed to working alongside our school districts to maintain the health and safety of our students and families in Alameda County.

Thank you.


L. Karen Monroe
Alameda County Superintendent of Schools