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E-News for Tuesday, August 22, 2017


E-News for Tuesday, August 22, 2017

School Starts On Wednesday, August 30, 2017
The first day of school for all students is Wednesday, August 30.

Elementary schools begin classes at 8:00 am.  Middle schools begin classes at 8:30 am.  Logan High School begins first-period classes at 8:15 am, while Conley-Caraballo High School starts at 9:00 am.

Reception to Honor Dr. Smith as New Superintendent, Tuesday, August 22, 4:30 pm

The New Haven Unified School District Board of Education is delighted to invite you to a reception in honor of Dr. Arlando Smith's inaugural Board meeting as Superintendent.

For the past four years, the District has utilized a "co-superintendency" model with Dr. Smith, the Chief Academic Officer, and Mr. Varadarajan, the Chief Business Officer, together charting the course of the District.  In the fall of 2016, the Board decided to move towards a more conventional superintendency structure.  An extensive, nation-wide search was initiated which resulted in Dr. Smith being chosen to lead the District forward.

Please join us in welcoming our new superintendent at the Boardroom of the Educational Services Center, located at 34200 Alvarado Niles Road, Union City.  More information regarding the event can be found here.

Empowerment 2020 Count Up Conference, Saturday, August 26, in San Francisco

In the fall of last year, former Treasurer of the United States, Rosie Rios, addressed the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting to speak to the "Teachers Righting History" initiative (  This initiative strives to increase the presence of images and stories of historical American women in social studies and history classrooms across the country.  She informed the Board that the inclusion of these historic women in American classrooms will allow them to serve as an inspiration for men, women, girls and boys.

Now, Ms. Rios is proud to announce the EMPOWERMENT 2020 Count Up Conference to be held Saturday, August 26, from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco.  Empowerment 2020 is an action-based movement for the advancement of women and girls in underrepresented areas of influence.  Its mission is to increase the visibility of historic women, support efforts to increase female participation in decision-making capacities, and mobilize stakeholders to inspire the next generation of leadership across their organizations and communities.  New Haven Superintendent, Dr. Arlando Smith, will be one of the speakers at Saturday’s event.  

Space is limited.  To RSVP to this exciting occasion, please contact  Please click here for more information about this event.

October is Filipino American History Month

October is Filipino American History Month! To kick it off, the Filipino-American Educators Association (FAEAC) is hosting its biennial conference on September 29-30 in San Diego. PASE (Pilipino-American Society For Education) will be co-hosting this conference. Curriculum for Assembly bills 123 ( Filipinos in the Farm Labor Movement) and 199 (World War II in the Philippines) will be debuted. These lessons are aligned to the new CA History/Social Science Framework. For information on registration, please visit

PASE, in partnership with FANHS ( Filipino-American National Historical Society) will be hosting a Filipino-American History Month Celebration at Itliong-Vera Cruz Middle School on Saturday, October 14th, from 10am-4pm. The event is free and open to the public. Please visit this link for more information.

Fremont Bank Foundation Donates $10,000 to Support the District’s Leadership Advance

For the last four years, in early August, District administrators have gathered to consider the district focus for the upcoming school year.  These initiatives are related to such big ideas as equity, 21st century instruction, personalization and social justice, for example.  This year, with the financial assistance of the Fremont Bank Foundation, we were able to be more inclusive and hear voices and ideas from a wider range of people, that more accurately represent the diversity within our district.  With the donation from the Fremont Bank Foundation, certificated and classified staff members were able to attend, participate and be compensated for their valuable time.  All who participated in this year’s advance agree that the conversation was especially enriched by the participation of all three employee groups.

The New Haven Unified School District would like to thank the Fremont Bank Foundation for their generosity that allowed this to happen.

Logan Students Participate In “Making History” Project

Students from James Logan High and almost twenty other local high schools had the opportunity to participate in “Making History”, a potential prototype in experiential learning developed by the UC Berkeley History-Social Science Project and funded by the Stuart Foundation.  The focus of the project is to expose students to local history and connect them to current national and international trends.  

For more information regarding this event, you can read the story here.

New Haven Adult School
Classes start September 11th. Visit our NEW website at for up to date information. For our complete Fall & Winter 2017 brochure, click here.

High School Diploma & GED: registration Aug 29 & 30

English as a Second Language: registration Sept 6 & 7
Career & Technical Education: registration
Community Ed: Yoga & Essential Oils, Traffic School & Driver's Ed.

State-of-the-Art Pedestrian Crossing for Conley-Caraballo Students Nearing Completion

A traffic signal that is new to the Bay Area and that flashes lights to warn motorists when a pedestrian wants to cross the street is coming to a South Hayward intersection near Conley-Caraballo High School.

The new signal—called a HAWK, which stands for high-intensity, activated cross walk—is being installed on Mission Boulevard at Blanche Street to improve safety for students and others at a location that has been the scene of collisions involving pedestrians in the past.

Facing north- and south-bound traffic on Mission Boulevard, the signal, containing three bulbs, remains dark until a person on foot pushes a crossing button connected to the HAWK. Then, the signal goes through a series of flashing and solid yellow and red lights to bring motorists to a halt and that are calibrated to give pedestrians plenty of time to cross. Once the signal cycles through to flashing red and lanes are clear of pedestrians, motorists are free to proceed.

The HAWK was first developed in Tucson, Arizona, and installed in more than 60 locations in the city. A before-and-after performance study found a 69 percent decrease in collisions involving pedestrians and that 97 percent of drivers complied by stopping and yielding as required.

Installation of Hayward’s first HAWK, on Mission Boulevard at Blanche, is scheduled to be completed soon and powered up for use before the start of school the week of Aug. 28. For more information and to download a copy of a user brochure visit the Public Works, Transportation Division section on the City of Hayward website.  The above used with permission from the City of Hayward website.