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Board Briefs for Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Board Briefs for Tuesday, February 7, 2017

At Tuesday night’s meeting, Nancy George, Executive Director of Kids’ Zone shared her annual update and overview of the program model and structure with the Board.  She shared the many areas of their five-year plan that have been completed.  Year to date data, showing a dramatic increase in services since last year, was provided and she discussed current efforts to garner sustainable funding.  She also shared her appreciation for the Kids’ Zone staff, all of whom go above and beyond to assist the many students and families in need in the New Haven Community.

A link to the Kids Zone presentation can be found here.

At the same meeting, the Board of Education passed a resolution declaring New Haven Unified a “Safe Haven” District.  A copy of the resolution can be found here.   The resolution documents that the District shall

  • Promote tolerance and acceptance over hate speech;
  • Maintain that, in compliance with Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) 2011 policy stating that it will not conduct immigration enforcement activity at any sensitive location, which includes all district facilities and equipment, without permission by specific federal law enforcement officials; unless exigent circumstances exist;
  • Not allow ICE to enter school sites or district properties without prior written approval from the Superintendent.
  • Restrict the sharing of student files that may be used to ascertain the legal status of students;
  • Designate NHUSD school sites, facilities, and equipment as “Safe Havens” for students, families and the community;
  • Allocate adequate resources necessary to support diversity, inclusion, and the values of a multicultural society;
  • Offer focused professional development opportunities for all levels of staff; and
  • Endorse a set of unifying activities determined by the school site.

The complete agenda for the evening’s meeting can be found here.