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A message from Superintendent Thompson regarding COVID-19

Greetings New Haven Community,

We are monitoring the events related to the COVID-19 outbreak closely.  We are paying particular attention to recommendations from the Alameda County and State Departments of Public Health as they relate to schools.  Today, the Alameda County Public Health Department (ACPHD) released updated guidance for schools related to gatherings of large groups of people.  We have reviewed this information and shared it with our site principals. We would also like to share it with you.

Based on information currently available, older people and people with certain underlying health conditions like heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes, continue to be at a greater risk of serious illness.  The ACPHD recommends that people at higher risk stay at home and refrain from crowded social gatherings.

In regards to school gatherings like field trips, assemblies, and performances, we are asking sites to consider the following when determining whether to allow the event to take place, cancel it, or postpone it:

  • Size: Smaller is better. The risk of getting the virus increases as the size of the crowd increases.
  • Duration: Shorter is better. The risk of getting the virus increases as the duration of the event increases (e.g., a 2-hour meeting is lower risk than a 2-day conference).
  • Density: Risk of getting the virus increases in crowded settings. If the venue or setting doesn’t enable people to keep social distance (more than arm’s length of one another), the risk of spreading the virus increases. People should avoid crowded places where large numbers of people are within arm’s length of one another.
  • Geographic reach: Mixing of people across regions, states, and countries

We take the health and safety of our students and staff seriously.  Please know that if an event is canceled, we will do our best to reschedule it, if possible.  Any cancelation will only occur with careful consideration and after other alternatives have been exhausted.


John Thompson, Ed.D.