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Board Briefs for Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Board Briefs for Tuesday, September 3, 2019

At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Board held the first of five public hearings regarding the proposed map options for the by-Trustee area election system.  Presenting on this topic were Peter Fagen of the law firm Fagen, Friedman and Fulfrost, and demographer Larry Ferchaw, from Cooperative Strategies. Mr. Fagen provided some background and the reasons why the District was transitioning from an “at-large” to a “by-Trustee area” election system.  Mr. Ferchaw described the three proposed mapping scenarios and the process by which they were derived. Mr. Fagen and Mr. Ferchaw’s presentation can be found here.  

Chief Business Officer Annette Heldman provided a brief report to the Board regarding the District’s investment report.  The investment report shows the amount of cash in the different District funds that is held in the County of Alameda Investment Pool.  A small amount of cash is kept in site revolving funds which are held in FDIC insured bank accounts at Fremont Bank. Ms. Heldman’s presentation can be found here.

Ms. Heldman also presented the District’s Unaudited Actuals Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2018/19 to the Board.  This report represents the actual revenues, expenses, ending balances, and reserves for all District funds for the fiscal year being reported.  This report, like all other District budget updates will be reviewed by the Alameda County Office of Education, but unlike others, it will be reviewed by the District’s independent auditors over the course of the next few months. The independent audit report will be completed in December, and presented to the Board in January. In brief, the report illustrated that the District’s ending balance in the Unrestricted General Fund is $4.6 million higher than estimated for 2018/19. This variance was derived by a number of things, but mostly from salary savings and lower than estimated contribution to Special Education. Additionally, this $4.6 million reflects 21% variance from projections, which is significantly higher than the average variance of 4% since the onset of the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) in 2013/14.

It's important to note though, that while there was a downward adjustment in Special Ed contribution between Estimated Actual and Unaudited Actual, compared to prior year, it is higher by approximately $440,000. 

Ms. Heldman stated that the Unaudited Actuals report is a single fiscal year report and it does not include out year projections. Two key data points that will drive the next budget update are September payroll and the CALPADS enrollment reporting date, which takes place the first week of October. Budget projections will be updated for First Interim to be brought forward to the Board for approval in December 2019.

Ms. Heldman’s presentation can be found here.

The recording of last night’s meeting can be found here.

The complete agenda for Tuesday night’s meeting can be found here.  

The Board will hold their regularly scheduled meetings on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Please see the list of dates below:

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